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Deus Deus

La Vila is a place and also a feeling, is to be conected with nature and with ourselves at the same time. It´s to feel pround and express our true identity.

It´s love, respect, understanding, it´s to love one-self, to love others and to love the whole world. It´s not to be contaminated, it´s to breathe deeply and fight against our fears and insecurities.

Sustainable Clothing La Vila
Sustainable Clothing D The Brand

La Vila is all that we want and that is there, but we dare not discover, it is enough to see the inmensity of the starry sky, or the depth of the oceans, to understand the generosity of the universe, which gives us infinite possibilities of being and do.

We are connected souls, beings of light and love, of unlimited energy and power. and we came to learn, in this that is our vehicle.

Sustainable Clothing La Vila
Sustainable Clothing La Vila

We must enjoy our journey through the world. Free and spontaneus, because the wonder of the universe is in ourselves.

Art director: Sabrina Deus | Photographer: Abel Trujillo | Stylist: Fede Pouso | Make up and hair: Claudia Guzman | Models: Ana Rujas, Luis Mba Ndong, Nerea Revilla, Fernando Majadas.
Thanks to Jime, Luke, Amalia, Cuevas del Pino

Sustainable Clothing La Vila